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I am a doctoral student in the Leadership Studies program in the College of Education at Bowling Green State University.  I am also a research assistant for instructional design in the BGSU College of Technology.

Previously, I worked in the field of gifted education in the Ohio Department of Education Office for Exceptional Children, and, before that, at the Gifted Education Resource Institute at Purdue University where I earned an M.S.E. in educational psychology with an emphasis in gifted education.

I am interested in research on ways to use technology to enhance learning and cognition among students and in using online communities and resources to support professional learning among educators.

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18 09 2009

Eric, I am doing ‘the course’ too and will follow your blog and career with interest.

I am particulary interested in learning more about cognition and neuroscience. I am currently focussed on using PLNs (I use this acronym for teachers rather than PLE for a number of reasons) to encourage teachers to network widely. It is not always easy to convince the uninitiated.

BTW George Siemens tweeted me that neuroscience readings will be posted soon.


29 09 2009
Eric Calvert

Hi Darcy,

Thanks for the comment. I’m curious: where are the landmines around the “PLE” terminology? Do you see PLE and PLN as being synonymous? (I’m fairly new to this topic, but am noticing differences of opinion on definitions.)

I’m interested in “brains” part of the course as well. I’m an ed psych person by training, so am looking forward to seeing how connectivism maps to ideas about memory, motivation, identity, learner self-efficacy, etc. Will look forward to reading what George Siemens posts and where the discussion leads from there. I’m following you on Twitter for the rest of the course, so will look forward to hearing more about your thinking.

28 09 2009

Hi Eric, I found you today and begin to follow your blog

29 09 2009

Hi Eric,

The acronyms are contested and have an ineteresting etymology. Downes, Siemens and Warlick all have their take on it. Read this post and you will see what I mean:

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